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The main objective at VIP-Inspections is to provide the highest quality inspections available. VIP-Inspections utilizes a National Network of highly skilled Automotive Inspectors. All our Inspectors have years of experience in the Automotive field. The inspector completes the VIP-Inspections report form and takes the required photographs. All the data is loaded to the VIP-Inspections website via the internet.

The report and photographs are then reviewed by one of our in-house ASE Certified technicians to perform a second “Inspection” of the vehicle (via Photographs) to ensure all defects and damages are properly shown and documented. Whether the issues are severe or minor cosmetic issues. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive inspection report that demonstrates the true current condition of the vehicle. 

The report and photographs are reviewed again by another of our in-house ASE Certified technician to perform a final review of the report to ensure the report and photos have the proper documentation of the condition of the vehicle.

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Every process we use at VIP-Inspections is to provide The highest quality report available in the industry.


The VIP-Inspections Team has spent an entire lifetime in the automotive repair business. With a deep passion and love for all things automotive. We fix them, build them, race them and restore them. Whether it is a daily driver vehicle, classic hot rod, truck or off-road vehicle. With our high level of passion and deep understanding of the automotive industry we have the skills, knowledge and passion to provide you with an accurate condition report of the vehicle.

Large Inspector Network

We have spent years developing our relationships with the best quality minded inspectors in the business. Inspectors provide us with report’s that are accurate and full of information to depict the actual condition of the vehicle being inspected. Our inspector network continues to grow. We constantly recruit and train new inspectors to ensure we always have the highest talented inspectors on the team.

Timely Inspections

Due to our large network of highly skilled inspectors we offer timely inspections. However, we do not rush the inspections for the sake of being fast. Our main priority is Quality. It always has been and always will be.

Fair Pricing Rates

VIP-Inspections utilizing our large network of qualified inspectors to keep additional mileage charges to a minimal. We aim to provide inspections at the base rate fee. However, there are times when an additional mileage charge will be required. VIP-Inspections will notify you prior to performing the inspection of any additional mileage charge. You then will have the opportunity to authorize the mileage or cancel the inspection.

Quality Photographs

VIP-Inspections inspectors provide an abundance of photographs to demonstrate an accurate view of the vehicle being inspected. We instruct the inspectors to shoot photographs in high resolution and we do NOT down size the photographs on the reports. It may take a little longer to download the report, but we want you to be able to view large photos full of detail.

Dual Report Review Process

VIP-Inspections does not rush the inspection review process. We believe it is too important to rush it through just to offer “fast service”. We take our time, reviewing each photograph and every field of the report. Not just once, But twice. By slowing down the review process a little bit we end up catching minor details that could have been missed during a rush review. We strive for Quality. It is the only way to provide an accurate depiction of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing.

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Providing only the best reports for our customers

VIP-Inspections provides inspections with good old fashion quality and customer service. We have no desire in being the largest in the industry. We enjoy providing inspections the old fashion way. Taking our time to make sure it matches our standards of quality. Others count how many inspections they do a day. We count how well we do inspections every day. The only number that matters to us is how accurate our reports are. It is what we strive for. Quality accurate reports in a reasonable time and a fair and competitive price.

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