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The four steps of the inspection

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Congratulations on the consideration of making a vehicle purchase. Whether this will be your daily driver, a Classic vehicle to drive on the weekend, Motorcycle, ATV or a Motorhome to enjoy the great outdoors we will provide you with a valuable tool to make the purchase decision easier.

Step 1: Order An Inspection

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Locate the perfect vehicle for you and order an inspection on the vehicle through the VIP-Inspections website. Do not overlook this opportunity to list all your concerns. Be detailed in the information you request on the inspection, so we can provide the answers that are important to you.

Provide us the sellers information, Name, Phone Number, Address, City, State, and Zip Code. Provide us the vehicle information, Year, Make, Model, VIN, and Mileage. If the vehicle is being sold by a dealer please provide us the stock number to avoid delays in the inspection.

Step 2: Inspector Schedules Time To Inspect Vehicle

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Sit back, relax, and allow the VIP-Inspections team to go to work for you. Your inspection will be assigned to the local inspector for the vehicles location. The inspector will contact the seller within 48 hours to schedule a time to inspect the vehicle. VIP-Inspections will notify you via email of the scheduled appointment date and time.

Step 3: An Experienced Inspector Evaluates The Vehicle

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The inspector performs the inspection on the vehicle and completes the VIP-Inspection comprehensive inspection form and obtains the photographs per the VIP-Inspection guidelines. The inspector will also obtain answers and inspect the specific items that were requested on the inspection order. The inspector then loads the online report and photographs to the VIP-Inspections website. The report and photographs will then be reviewed for clarity and accuracy through our stringent review process.

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Step 4: The Report Is Delivered To Your Inbox

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The inspection report is marked complete by the VIP-Inspection team after the final review and you receive a website link in your email to view the report and photographs online. You also have the option to download the inspection report, so you may view it as much as you want.

You will now have a powerful tool to assist with your decision if you want to purchase the vehicle. You made the wise choice of investing in a vehicle inspection with VIP-Inspections.

Ready to get started?

We stand by ready to provide you with the quality inspection report, you are looking for and deserve.


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How soon will the vehicle be inspected after the order is placed?

Once the order is placed it will be assigned to the local inspector during normal business hours. Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The inspector will contact the seller within 48 business hours to schedule the appointment. The inspector will advise VIP-Inspections of the appointment and we will advise you when the inspection has been set.

When will I have my inspection report?

The inspector normally loads the report online to the VIP-Inspections website the day the inspection has been performed. The report and photographs then go through the VIP-inspections dual report review process to ensure accuracy. This usually occurs with 1 business day. However, the purpose of the dual review is to ensure accuracy. There may be additional questions or clarification that is needed from the inspector. This may cause a delay normally not to exceed 1 business day.

Can I request an inspector that is an expert on the vehicle I want to buy?

No. It is not possible to have a specific vehicle expert in every city or town in every state for every make and model of vehicle. The inspector that will inspect the vehicle is an automotive technician with years and many times decades of experience on multiple vehicle make and models.

Do you lift the vehicle for the inspection?

No. VIP-Inspections does not lift the vehicle or remove any parts of the vehicle. We perform a visual inspection of visibly accessible components on the vehicle. We suggest you work with the seller of the vehicle to provide a lift during the inspection process.

Can I have the inspector call me from the vehicle?

No. The inspector is on a very tight time schedule and follows a routine when inspecting the vehicle. The inspector communicates with VIP-Inspections. If you have special requests let us know prior to the inspection being set up. If there are questions after reviewing the report, you may ask VIP-Inspections. If we are unable to provide an answer we will ask the inspector.